10 Weeks Old: Growing up so fast!

Jan 25, 12 Bath Time

Today is her 10 Week Old birthday and she’s getting so big. Talk about growing up before your eyes. She’s more than double her birth weight!

Katie has been enjoying her baths now that we just wash her in the sink. I think she likes the warm running water on her body! Here she is after her bath. And since it’s New Year’s, we thought she’d like all the red envelopes around her as well. :)

She promised me she wouldn’t scratch her face so I took the mittens off. That way, she can explore with her hands more. She’s very sweet. If you hold her, she’ll pat you on the neck to feel you.

She’s also more alert now, so instead of sleeping all the time, she wants to play! She great control of her eyes now too, so you’ll see her staring at you a lot more often.

Last night she wanted to play, which is great, except it was at 4am – 6am. I was too tired to play with her by 5am, so Albert took care of her then. What a wonderful Daddy!

She’s such a great joy to have around and she’s teaching us so much about her and ourselves. We’d get random toothless smiles throughout the day that just melts our hearts. She has also started talking to us in her cutsey babble. We’d just talk back and she’ll answer in more babble. heh

Her eyelashes are starting to grow out, and we’re waiting for the eyebrows to come next!

It’s been great watching her grow up and we can’t wait to see what she’ll learn next!

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