Baby Language: 5 Important Words that Babies Use

Jan 10, 12 dunstan baby language

My friend, Min Xuan sent me this link a few days ago and I absolutely love it! I always knew babies cried for a reason but figuring out the reason was hard. For my baby.. I had a short checklist of reasons — hungry, diaper, burp, and poop. She rarely cries when she’s sleepy, so that wasn’t on my list. She’s really good at sleeping when she wants to sleep.

After watching this video, Albert and I were able to pick up the sound of the cries and help the baby before she starts crying hysterically. The one sound that helped us the most was the one for burp! Sometimes our baby has to burp even up to an hour after she eats because of all the gas bubbles. So knowing to do so ahead of time saves us a change of clothes — for her and us. lol

Watch the video and you’ll see how amazing Dr. Dunstan is. It’s a must-see for any new parent or parents-to-be. You’ll learn the 5 important words babies use to tell you what they need. I loved how she was able to calm all the babies in the room down. Thanks for your help Dr. Dunstan!

Remember, these are all baby reflexes, and most tend to go away after the babies turn 3 months.

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  1. Oooh that was so interesting! I recognized all those sounds from my nephews!

  2. Oh WOW. This was awesome!!! I’m going to send it to all my new mommy and mommy-to-be friends! 😀

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