Japanese New Year’s Festival

Jan 29, 12 Baby and Katsu

I’ve been excited about the Japanese New Year’s Festival all week. My mother-in-law invited us, and we all went, along with my younger sister and brother. It was a fun family day! There were so many amazing foods and games for the little ones. And it was a great practice run, taking the baby out.

Apparently, she enjoyed the fresh air and the food too. lol The sun was a bit much, so we hung out in the shade mostly.

After the festival, we went to Target with the intention of just buying her a pacifier. We’ll be using it for car trips only since there’s little we can do when the car is moving. We ended up coming out with a lot of ‘necessities’ and the pacifier of course. lol It happens every time we go to Target!

Baby also got hungry while at Target.. since I couldn’t really feed her there, Albert did.. What a great Daddy. :)

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