12 Weeks Old

Feb 08, 12 babyleg

Happy 12 Weeks old darling! You are such a joy to us. For the past week, you’re learning to talk to us, smile, and even roll over! After you roll over, you also start crawling. Really! You lay on your tummy and push forward with your strong legs! You’re such a big girl now.

Today you had to get your vaccination shots. You were so good when we went to the doctor’s office today too. Didn’t even let out a cry.. well, not until the nurse gave you the shots. You screamed for about a minute, and quickly calm down and fell asleep.

When we got home, you were eating a little bit, and sleeping a lot. By 3pm, you woke up screaming. I felt your legs and they were pretty warm, so you were probably feeling all the pain from the shots. I’m so sorry honey! I gave you a little bit of pain reliever, and you felt a better after. But I paid close attention to you for the rest of the day in case your temperature went up. You were a little bit warmer than usual, but the nurse said that was normal. Throughout the day, you would touch your leg and sometimes say ouuuwwww. Awww..

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