21 Weeks Old: Sushi Anyone?

Apr 11, 12 Baby Likes Sushi

Happy Week 21 baby girl! You’re such a big girl now, and you’re growing more curious each day!

Your favorite words are — Boo!, Nuts, Slam Dunk, Varoom, and Circles! Your latest favorite word is “sushi!” Depending on your mood, when we say these words, we can get a few (or many) chuckles out of you!

Your favorite colors are Orange and Red. I think these are the first colors you see after Black and White, so you love these bright colors. You sometimes laugh or smile when you see things in these colors. During playtime, you reach for the orange objects on the Jumparoo. And you love your Uncle’s red shirts. You also like leaving surprises on them too. lol

You love things that have eyes to look at you! It’s probably why you love the Owl from Twinkle Twinkle. We just started watching Sesame Street this week and you also love Big Bird and Elmo, especially in the video, Elmo’s Song!

Other strange things you like are Daddy’s deodorant cap (because it’s orange!) and Mommy’s Snoopy pj’s (you like pulling on the texture). Another funny thing we learned about you is that you love the texture of popcorn in a bag. You also started to enjoy looking in the mirror and at pictures of you on Mommy’s phone! That’s our techy girl. 😉

We absolutely love you and can’t wait for what you have in stored for us each day.

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  1. Her favorite word is sushi? THAT IS AWESOME.

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