Happy 5 Months Darling!

Apr 17, 12 5 months

Happy 5 Months baby! I can’t believe how quickly time as I watch you grow. Each day has been a great blessing and you just keep me smiling.

You’re starting to have quite the personality! You’re growing more curious each day and you’re starting to take interest in foods and Mommy and Daddy’s keyboards and phones. You laugh also at the strangest things and sounds. You also love to show us your feet now. lol This week, you started touching your toes on your own! Also, every time you see things that are orange, you smile and laugh! That must be your favorite color now… Orange and red! And you love this lovely orange outfit that your Auntie Pat gave you, as well as this lovely orange headband from your Auntie Tammy! heheh

I took a few photos of your to celebrate your 5 Months birthday! Simply saying the word “sushi” puts a big smile on your face! And you also gave me your serious pose. It looks more like a pose for your High School Senior Portraits. haha

Well Happy 5 Months Birthday darling my little happy baby. :) Mommy and Daddy love you lots!

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