Review: Disney’s Furry Friends Touch-and-Feel Book

Apr 28, 12 Baby Reading Furry Friends

My daughter is at the age where she’s very curious about everything. She wants to touch and hold onto anything that’s near her. So I thought she would enjoy this Touch-and-Feel book called Furry Friends from the Disney: It’s a Small World Collection.

Furry Friends is an adorable board book with 14 pages for your child to read. 8 of the pages (including the front cover) have a fabric texture for your child to touch and explore. The pages are thick and easy to hold for my daughter to turn herself. Each page is brightly colored with a short snippet of what the animal is. From a fuzzy Alaskan polar bear to a wooly Scottish sheep, your child would love reading this and exploring animals from all around the world.

I love finding things for my child that are both fun and educational, like this book. Furry Friends is quite engaging with all the textures and colors and makes a great gift for children under 18 months. I also think it’s well-worth the $8 since my daughter doesn’t mind re-reading the book (many times) at this age.

More info at: · Purchase on Amazon for $7.99

Note: This book was a purchase I personally made. The opinions expressed in this article are my own.


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