First Family Vacation at the Flower Fields!

Apr 07, 12 First Family Vacation at the Flower Fields!

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Yay! It’s our first family vacation! Daddy made some surprise last-minute plans for us, and it turned out great! It was your first trip away from home and you did wonderfully! We’re very proud of you! We left late Friday afternoon and headed to Carlsbad, CA. You slept the whole way there! You didn’t wake up until...

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Mommy, Daddy, Shh!

Apr 06, 12 Mommy, Daddy, Shh!

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Fridays are Family Fridays! This is especially true when both of us take the day off to spend the whole day with our little one. She started waking up this morning in her usual way — stretching and groggy. We just waited for her to finish and once she opened her eyes, she smiled. We excitedly greeted her with, “Ohayo...

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Review: SmartMom Teething Bling

Apr 03, 12 Review: SmartMom Teething Bling

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I had no idea how important it was to have a teething toy around until my daughter turned 4 months. She was constantly drooling and biting her fingers. It was the only way she could comfort and soothe herself. I would sometimes let her bite on my finger to check what was bothering her, and the pressure of her bite was really strong!...

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CSS for Babies!

Apr 01, 12 CSS for Babies!

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As you can see, we’re starting our little one off on the right geeky foot! We’re both big fans of Code Babies Books, and love the second volume of the series! It’s a beautiful board book with 12 pages, full of bright colors and lovely CSS tags. And our little one loves it too. She puts the CSS into our everyday...

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