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Apr 03, 12 Teething Bling

I had no idea how important it was to have a teething toy around until my daughter turned 4 months. She was constantly drooling and biting her fingers. It was the only way she could comfort and soothe herself. I would sometimes let her bite on my finger to check what was bothering her, and the pressure of her bite was really strong! That must really hurt her poor little fingers. I bought many teether toys, but when I actually need one, they’re dirty, or no where to be found.

I decided to try wearing the Smart Mom Jewelry called Teething Bling to see if it would help. It’s like a teething toy that hangs on mommy’s neck for the baby to chew on. But it’s not just any toy, they come in very stylish designs! The Teething Bling is made from a food-safe, phthalate-free, federally-approved silicone like other safe teething toys, but they’re beautiful for moms to wear. And of course, they’re safe for babies!

I tried out the Teething Bling on my daughter. When I saw her bite her hands, I’d put the bling in her mouth and she enjoyed chewing that instead. It is conveniently around my neck like a necklace, so no matter if I’m around the house or shopping, it’s easily accessible. The one I’m wearing is the newest design — a 2×2 bronze-colored ring pendant that hangs on a black, silky cord with breakaway clasp. The ring pendant is a nice size for my daughter since her little hands can hold it and it fits right in her mouth. She cried much less when I went out since I can just hold her while she’s biting on my Teething Bling. The big plus is that I can’t lose the teething bling and it stays clean since it’s around my neck.

There are some safety precautions with the use of this product though. They’re intended for adults to wear, so never put it on your child, and never let them play with it unattended. Older children with fully developed teeth may bite through the Teething Bling, so it should be used for younger kids who are just starting to teeth (around 4 months).

Overall, I think it’s a clever product that every new mom should have. It’s convient to soothe baby, while making mom look extra fancy and stylish! The ring pendant Teething Bling are available in two colors — bronze and onyx for $19.99. There are many other designs and pendant styles to choose from as well. Matching bangles are also available for $12.99.

Disclosure: This product was sent by SmartMom Jewelry for review purposes. Opinions and experiences expressed in this article are my own.

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    Great review, and I’d never seen this product before. Nice!

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