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May 11, 12 4moms Origami Stroller

The Origami stroller by 4moms is one of the most unique strollers I’ve tested out since becoming a first-time mother. Believe me when I say, strollers have come a long way! There’s just so many built-in features nowadays, and this one is just the cream of the crop! The Origami has a lot of features and options that you didn’t know you needed (or maybe wanted is the more appropriate word). And if you don’t have kids already, you may want one just to try this stroller out!

Power-Folding. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen parents in the parking lot, struggling to collapse their strollers to pack away in the car. And sometimes it’s not that much smaller once they fold it, taking up most of the trunk! One of the Origami’s very attractive feature is the power-folding capability. With a twist and a push of the button, the stroller automatically collapses, folding inward in three different directions. Not only does it get shorter in height, the width and length gets smaller as well, taking up even less space in your car’a trunk. This feature is only half the fun!

Speedometer and LCD Display. Other features you may find hard to live without are the odometer and speedometer. Not only will you know how far you’re walking, but how fast as well. Give this gadget to Daddy and watch him race down the sidewalk. To be honest, it’s too much fun watching the speedometer number go up. You’ll get a nice workout and your child will get plenty of fresh air!

These features are displayed on the stroller’s LCD screens. Yes, there’s an LCD screen on this! In additional to the odometer and speedometer, it also displays the temperature, how much charge is left on the stroller, and a picture of your child. Well, not really a picture of your child, but a darn cute representation of him/her. You can also change the display to show a girl or boy. And while you’re pushing the stroller, the display will show a grassy background that moves as you move. Yes, they’re features you don’t necessary need for a stroller, but are pretty awesome once you see them in use.

Strolling. Pushing the stroller is really comfortable. I was able to navigate through tight places without a problem. Also, my daughter usually cries when my I push her in our stroller, but when we put her in the Origami (using the car seat adapter), she would quietly play with her toys, or just fall asleep. It made my shopping experience much more enjoyable without any baby meltdowns. From this experience, I assume the ride must be comfortable and smooth as well. The wheels are big and have great suspension to absorb most of the bumps in the sidewalk and street. This is not an all-terrain stroller so you won’t find locks for the front wheels, so it’s best to push on smooth surfaces.

The handlebars aren’t adjustable, which is fine since they’re 41″ off the floor. I’m 5’3″ and my husband is 5’9″, and it was a great height for both of us. There’s a no-kick zone on this stroller, so no matter how long your walking stride is, there’s no bar or basket that will hit your feet as you walk.

Attached near the handlebars are two cup holders for the parents. They’re lightweight and hold two water bottles/cold drinks perfectly fine. You may also want to attach the handle bar bag and cellphone charger on the handle bars. This doesn’t come with the stroller, but is highly suggested that you purchase it. Why wouldn’t you want to charge your phone while you walk? You never have to fear about low battery on your phone again! Just hook up your phone charger to the kit, and place your phone in the bag. The motors in the stroller will charge the phone as you walk.

There’s a one-touch brake system too. Just step on the brake-lock near the right-wheel and the stroller will stay in place. The placement is quite handy and easily accessible.

Daytime and Pathway Lights. I’m pretty sure this is the only stroller that comes with headlights. And it looks pretty amazing. There are three levels of brightness you can choose from. Simply tap on the button on the handle to change the brightness, or turn it off completely. It’s very handy when you’re heading out to a dark parking lot from a long day of shopping. The lights on the stroller make it highly visible to any oncoming traffic, which is a great safety feature that no other stroller has.

Graco Carseat Adapter. The stroller is appropriate for children 6 months to 4 years (up to 40 lbs). But if you want to use it for a younger child, you can use the Graco car seat adapter. Graco is a popular children’s car seat, and the adapter works very well. You’ll need to remove the seat from the stroller and put in the adapter in it’s place. This adapter cradles the car seat in. Be sure to pop the car seat in place, and there you have a unique travel system.

Storage Space. One thing that worried me is the lack of room for a traditional diaper bag. Most diaper bags nowadays clip onto the handlebar of the stroller. It’s not recommended that you put a diaper bag on these handlebars, but I find that it’s capable of holding a bag. However, the heavier the bag, the harder it is to steer. So I recommend carrying a small and light bag to put either in the compartment below the stroller or on the handbars.

There is plenty of storage space on the stroller itself. These work very well, especially if you have an older toddler. Behind the seat are three additional pockets. The two side pockets are large enough to fit Thermos or drink bottles. The middle one can store small bags, paper, a nursing cover, etc. There’s also another storage compartment under the stroller. It’s a large space, but the shape is a little odd since it’s more narrow the deeper you get in the compartment. I found that it was the perfect place to store a jacket or baby carrier (in case the baby wanted out of the stroller).

The seat and canopy. The seat is nicely padded for the child to sit comfortably in. The shoulder straps are also padded so they’re not hitting your child’s face. The seat also comes in an array of beautiful colors, except when you purchase the stroller fro the 4moms website, the gray one comes by default. You’ll need spend another $99 for a color kit or find a local retailer that may have it in stock. One thing to keep in mind though is that the seat is not reversible, nor does it recline in multiple positions. There is a slight recline if you adjust the strap in the back. Your child will be basically upright the whole time, which is not ideal for sleeping toddlers. But for the younger newborns and infants, they can be in the car seat with adapter.

Besides all the extra gadgety goodness this stroller has, another favorite part I love is the mesh canopy on the seat. The canopy is large to protect your child from the sun, but for hot days or just the sake of seeing your child, you can pull the top flap back to expose a mesh top to help circulate air as well as see how your child is doing. There’s even an extra sun visor at the end of the canopy that can be popped out if needed.

Let’s run down the Pros and Cons of this stroller:


  • Collapses into a compact-size unit to fit nicely in you car’s trunk.
  • Small third set of wheels, similar to luggage bags, makes rolling away easy.
  • Headlights are great safety feature when you’re in darker settings.
  • Eco-friendly! There’s a motor in the wheel that charges the stroller as you push it.
  • It could turn into a travel system with Graco car seat adaptor. Simply move your child from the car to stroller with just a snap!
  • Easy to assemble. It actually comes assembled for the most part. You’ll need to put the handlebars, seat, and and other accessories in yourself which are not too difficult.
  • Very sturdy and easy to maneuver, even in the toughest spaces.



  • It’s a lot heavier than most strollers, being 29lbs. But you only time you’ll feel this weight is when putting it in and taking it out of the car.
  • It is the first of its kind, so there’s a hefty price to pay. Consider this item a high-end luxury stroller. Most strollers in this price range offer multiple seating configurations, but of course none of the Eco-friendly power features, so consider that as well.
  • There is only one seating arrangement for your child, which is in an upright position. There is no option for multiple reclining positions.
  • Getting the stroller in anything by gray will cost you an extra $99. There is no option to select a color choice on the 4mom’s website, but you may find the colored ones at a local retailer.
  • There’s no eating tray for your child, but there are two cup holders for him/her. These cupholders only fit narrow bottles/cups though. So if your child uses a wide-mouth bottle/cup, they won’t fit.




I highly recommend getting the Handle bar bag and cellphone charger if you make the purchase. It’ll charge your phone as you stroll, which comes in very handy on long shopping trips or outings. To use the stroller for the first 6 months (or more, up to 35lbs) of your child’s life, I definitely recommend purchasing the Graco Car Seat Adapter to turn the stroller into a travel system.

There’s no doubt that this stroller is very slick. It’s an attention seeker that would turn heads due to its unique shape and technology. The stroller does start at $850 (without any accessories), but that’s right up where the other luxury strollers start as well. If you can look pass the weight, lack of recline, and the hefty price, you have yourself an amazing and unique stroller!

Many thanks to 4moms for letting borrow the Origami to review! · $849.99 · Amazon ($789.99)


Watch the Origami in Action!


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