Yummy Macarons at Plum Blosson Sweets!

May 06, 12 Katie and Plum Blossom Sweets

My husband and I had a fun and awesome photography gig today. We took some photos for our friend Lana and her bakery, Plum Blossom Sweets! Today’s photoshoot starred her delectable macarons! And can you guess what the best part was? After we finished the photoshoot, we filled our tummies with macarons! Even Katie enjoy squishing one in her hand. lol Just wait until she can eat solids…

Katie wanted to join the fun and be in the photoshoot too! Here’s a few photos of her admiring the delightful treats!

I can’t wait for the next photoshoot. I wonder what delicious treats she’ll bake up next. 😉 Be sure to ‘like’ Plum Blossom Sweets for more delicious photos!


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