Review: Tea Collection Little Citizen Onesie

May 29, 12 Tea Collection Little Citizen Onesie

The moment I took this Tea Collection Little Citizen Onesie out of my first Wittlebee box, I just fell in love with it! The color was just perfect, and I absolutely love the attention to detail on it.

I really love clothes that are comfortable for my daughter to wear whether she’s playing or napping. This onesie is just perfect for both. It’s made from high-quality cotton and feels really luxurious and soft. It’s a pink onesie with white short sleeves. It’s also outlined in dark navy along the collar and leg openings. On the front, there’s text that says “For the little citizens of the world” in 5 different languages and an outline of the Earth. Even though it’s mostly solid colors, I love how they all complement each other.

When I buy clothes for my daughter, one thing that I usually look for is if there are buttons in the back of the outfit. My daughter is still young, so she is on her back a lot. To me, having buttons on the back is uncomfortable, especially for sleeping. What I love about Tea Collection is that they pay close attention to detail. There are buttons on this onesie, but they’re on the front left shoulder. They’re both functional and stylish! The navy-colored buttons are easy to snap on and off. These buttons make the opening on the top wider so you can put the outfit on your child more easily. Once you snap on the buttons, it gives a more fitted look which makes the onesie look like it was taylor-made for your child! To top it off, on the left sleeve is a little tag that says “Thank You.” This just adds a touch of sophistication that you see in most high-end clothes for adults.

The retail value of this onesie is between $19-$26. And I’m surprised and happy to find it in my first Wittlebee box for this month! Now I’m even more excited to see what surprises will be in next month’s box.. a Tea Collection dress maybe?

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  1. I like the Hello Kitty accessory 😉

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