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Every time I head out of the house to go shopping, it takes a lot of planning. Will I be using the baby carrier or putting my daughter in the stroller? I always bring both just in case. If she’s sleeping, she goes in the stroller so we don’t disturb her. If she’s awake and active, she goes in the baby carrier so she can see her surroundings. And then there’s the diaper bag to pack, food to prep, and having to find elevators in the mall (they’re very well hidden!), etc. With all the prep work, it makes trip to the mall kind of daunting. But there’s a new service that helps alleviate some of this stress. It’s called Wittlebee, a children’s clothing club.

So how does it work? Basically, a box of new clothes get shipped to your front door every month. Just fill out a profile for your child on the Wittlebee website — gender, age, size, types of clothes needed, favorite colors, graphic types, personality type, climate — and a stylist will pick out 8 articles of clothing specifically for your child. Yes, your child will have a personal stylist!

Filling out your child’s profile is simple! You’re guided through a series of questions. For a girl, it’s something like this:

There’s nothing like opening a box of mystery goodies every month! My first box arrived a few days ago and I was so anxious to open it up. The clothes were nicely packed in the box, wrapped in hot pink tissue paper (which my daughter loved), sealed with the Wittlebee logo. The presentation is just fabulous, and unwrapping each article of clothing is even more fun! I had asked for dresses and pinks, and that’s exactly what I got.

My first Wittlebee box came with:

The material of each of these items are high quality, especially the American Apparel, Luca Charles, and Tea Collection items. They’re just so soft and comfy! And if you’re already doing the math, you can see that the value of the box is way over the $39.99 a month subscription price. Even better, I only paid $29.99 for this box because I had a $10 off coupon! Plus, shipping is always FREE! If you think this is a service you’ll enjoy as much as I do, you can sign up using my special link and get $10 off your first box too! You can pause or cancel your subscription service at any time. If for any reason, you’re 100% satisfied with your box, you may return it for a replacement box.

Wittlebee specializes in children’s clothing from infant to 4T, so I can picture myself using this service for a long time! And if you have more than one child, you can do split boxes too, so each of your children get a little something each month. The staff are quite accommodating, so if you have an idea, suggestion, or request, be sure to get in touch with them.

There’s also a great Wittlebee online community! Join in by downloading either the iPhone/iPad or Android apps to your mobile device(s).

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with my first box and the overall service of Wittlebee. Some items are still a bit big for my daughter, but knowing how quickly she grows, it’s more than fine. I love the personal touch they add to each customer’s order. The staff are also quite active and responsive to customers’ needs and suggestions on all social networks, which is a huge plus! Now I just can’t wait for my second box to arrive; it’s like getting a fun birthday present every month! :)


More Photos

The presentation was a little nicer. I just got too anxious when I opened the box and forgot to take a photo. :)

My daughter opening up her box of Wittlebee clothes for the first time.

She seems happy swimming in all her new clothes! lol

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  1. Too cute a way to get the clothes selection!!!!

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    Thanks for having me on the Wittlebee blog!


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