6 Month Checkup

Jun 11, 12 drvisit-6monthscheckup

My little baby had her 6-month check-up today and she was doing fine until the Dr. wanted to check her teeth… or lack of teeth I should say. I guess she doesn’t like people stretching her mouth out, and I don’t blame her!

She calmed down after I washed her hands and feet. This girl loves playing with water! I was drying her hand and she wouldn’t let go of the paper towel. lol

Then the nurse came in and gave her a book. She loved that! She then got her shots in the legs and she was really not happy. Poor baby. In the previous doctor visits, the nurse usually gave them fast. This nurse was much slower and I even saw how long the needles were. :(

Afterward, she was just tired. She didn’t even want to cry.. just wanted to rest and hold her book. I’m glad I took the rest of the day off and gave her the love and attention she needed. She napped a lot the rest of the day.

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