Time to Celebrate!

Jun 16, 12 Precious Moment

It’s been a while since my friends and I all got together. So we planned something to celebrate Albert’s new job, Luci & Roland’s dragon baby-to-be, and our growing families! Much thanks to Roland & Lucinda for hosting such a fun and fabulous party! Katie had a great time meeting everyone (and eating new things)!

I just love this photo. I captured this when katie was a bit tired. She tends to stay up longer when she’s in a new environment and plus, she didn’t want to miss any of the excitement. It’s a great way to absorb her surroundings, but it also makes her so tired. So she wanted to rest on her Auntie Lena’s shoulders for a while.

I’m very proud of her for being so good after taking only a short nap at the party! (I had to finally let her stare at a blank wall to get her to nap!) By the time we all went out for dinner, she was getting really restless… unless she saw dessert. Her face just lit up. Happy 7 months darling! :)

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