Family Reunion!

Jun 30, 12 Family Reunion 2012

My sweetheart,

A year ago, your Daddy made the big announcement to his family about you! And today, a lot of your family members finally got the chance to meet you! It was a great family reunion and I think you just stole their hearts! You were helping Great Uncle Richard and Auntie Diana pick out dishes for lunch. And your Great Auntie Dee fed you, just like she did when you were only a few weeks old. You even met your Great Grandpa and watched him blow out his birthday candles. And Grandpa was showing you around the restaurant and you showed him how coordinated and strong you were by almost knocking some of the decorations off the wall. Good times. lol

You also started standing again and ate watermelon for the first time! Those two teeth are quite the chompers!

Next year, you’ll be running around and playing with everyone. :)

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