Let’s Get Physical, Physical!

Jun 03, 12 Baby Legs!

Let’s get physical, physical, I wanna get physical, let’s get into physical!

Putting these legwarmers on the baby reminds me of Olivia Newton John’s 80’s hit. But it’s also a fun way to dress up a basic onesie! I got this pink American Apparel onesie in last month’s Wittlebee box and I was wondering what I could do with it. I typically buy pattern clothes for my daughter, so this was a fun challenge.

Her Auntie Linda got her these beautiful Taylor Joelle Designs legwarmers as a gift, and it happens to be just the perfect color to go with the onesie!

Just thought I’d share this Wittlebee outfit that I just put together. Katie seems to like it! Maybe it’s because her toes are still accessible. LOL I may have to buy some more legwarmers this winter for her holiday outfits. :)


Props for Photo:

  • Lovely Handmade Headband by Tammy’s Mother-in-Law – Tammy likes to make sure her neice is well accessorized. lol
  • Taylor Joelle Designs Honeysuckle Row Legwarmers – Love these beautiful things! Thanks Linda!
  • NY Built Munchler Boo ($5.80) – Bought this on Amazon because I thought it was cute! It fits two of her bottles and if you unzip it, it can be folded flat for storage. Also comes in four different animal designs; each under $9.


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  1. Too cute!

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