Wittlebee Box #3

Jul 21, 12 I Love Wittlebee!

Yay! Wittlebee Box #3 just arrived yesterday afternoon. I’m quite happy and so is lil CoderBaby! When she opened the box, the first thing she pulled out was the cute sparkly red tutu! And then of course, she reached for the sticker!

This month’s box included these items:

I love the colorful Baby HQ BFF Heart skirt the most! It’s so adorable and it also goes with both the matching tank top and Wittlebee T-Shirt. But I’m not too crazy about the nautical set. It doesn’t look very Diva or Princess style to me. Maybe it’s because of the color? Also, the shorts are extremely cute but she doesn’t need anymore. She has so many! So I sent an email to Wittlebee customer service on Friday evening and got a response this morning. Wow. It’s a Saturday too! They said I could send the three items back and will get replacement items in my next box. Woot! That was easy.

For this month, I asked for 18m clothes (my daughter is just 8 months). All of the items are little bit big for her now, which is very good. She’s been growing so fast, I thought the clothes would last a bit longer if I ask for bigger sizes. I bet she’ll grow into these new outfits in about a month or so. I can’t wait to use the red tutu in a photoshoot either. Wouldn’t it be great for a Christmas photo? I’d probably put her in a white onesie and holiday leggings! Now I just need to find a matching headband… :)

Thank you Wittlebee for another lovely box! And on with the photos..

Deciding the best way to tackle the box.

Ouuu, sparkly!

Yay, new outfits!

Sporting her Wittlebee outfit! Photo taken by her Daddy.

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