A Visit to Wittlebee HQ

Jul 23, 12 CoderBaby & Wittlebee CEO Sean

So my internet and real worlds collide! Wittlebee HQ, here we come! I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d visit my one of my favorite companies.

I’ve never met Sean, or Lucy, or anyone on the Wittlebee staff in real before until today. I walked in and was immediately greeted by none other than Lucy. She’s even sweeter and friendlier in person! I love her friendly personality online in the various Wittlebee social networks, and she’s just a sweetheart in person.

Then we got a really warm welcome by Wittlebee’s CEO, Sean Percival. He’s so kind and gentle. He was absolutely excited to hold CoderBaby and she didn’t mind at all. Of course, the watch on his arm helped too. lol

I got a fun tour around the company. There’s literally children’s clothes everywhere — labeled in boxes, hanging on racks, and on the shelves. So much cute stuff too. Sean mentioned that they’re shipping out so much clothes that within 30 days, all the clothes in the warehouse are gone – shipped out to customers. That’s amazing and awesome because they’ll continue to restock with new brands and new clothes for the next batch!

The company is growing pretty quickly too. Half of the staff will be moving into another building across the street to make room for even more clothes.

I learned that there was a huge delay this month because they were busy tagging all the new inventory with barcodes. It may have taken a while (I had to wait a while for my 3rd box too) but I can assure you it’s worth it. Not only will this new barcode system speed up your next month’s shipment, it would also avoid you from getting duplicates in your boxes! The stylist will scan the barcode numbers (with their iPod Touch) before putting items in your box, but if the item comes back as a duplicate, the stylist won’t add it to your box. This will save a lot of disappointments right? I love the use of technology. Very innovative!

I was there after 6pm and there were still a lot of staff around packing boxes to ship out. The Wittlebee staff really do work hard to make you happy. They don’t always get it right the first time, but they definitely try their best.

Sean has two wittlebees of his own and you can just tell how passionate he is about family and company. He honestly wants to help make other families lives easier. And every obstacle and stumbling block he runs into seems to make him want to work even harder for you. If you ever wondered how Wittlebee got started, be sure to read this note written by his wife.

Wishing Wittlebee the best of success!

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