Yogurtland and Hello Kitty!

Jul 10, 12 Yogurtland

Yay! Hello Kitty is back at Yogurtland for the second year in the row. I remember when she first appeared there last year and I wasn’t able to go (was on bedrest). So this year, I wanted to make sure to take my little one with me. :)

We waited until Daddy came home from work to go as a family. It was 8:30pm when we headed out and she was a bit surprised because we don’t usually leave so late. She was all ready with her Hello Kitty toys. Once we got there, she got really excited when she saw all the Hello Kitty plushes. haha They didn’t have the mini Sanrio plush keychains this year, but I ended up getting the big plush for ~$14.

I let her try the new strawberry lemonade sorbet since it was non-dairy and gluton-free. Once she’s one year old, she can have the other flavors. :)

We got the limited edition spoons and will probably have to head back each week for a new one. They’re really nice treats for our very hot summer days.

By the way, that’s CoderBaby’s making a kissy face for you. :)

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