Baby’s First Flight

Aug 02, 12 Baby's First Flight

I was really excited and nervous about taking CoderBaby on her first flight. I’ve read many things about babies not enjoying the loud sound of the plane as it takes off because of the pressure and their ears hurting, so I’ve been kind of wary. I definitely made sure she had a sippy cup to drink from on the flight.

Little did I know, trying to get the baby and breastmilk through TSA was more trouble than the flight. I had CoderBaby in an ErgoBaby carrier so they needed to test my hands in case I was sneaking in “stuff” in my very carrier. And they also had to touch, feel, and test each of her bottles (even though they were empty!). Gross. I’m kind of a germaphobe (yes I know I have OCD), so them putting her cups into boxes that had someone’s shoes in them is just nasty to me. I put them in plastic bags for a reason. They didn’t need to take them out.

Anyhow, baby’s first flight was great. Getting her boarding pass was simple from Southwest Airlines. We checked in early, so we were able to select our seats in the first group. And she drank out of her sippy cup as we took off. She did great! It was night time so she enjoyed looking out the window at all the lights.

Once we landed in Oakland, the weather was much different from what we were use to. But it was expected! Overall, it was a good experience. Our trip to San Francisco was just a test run to see how well she’ll do in a plane. Now we need to go to farther places. :)

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