Berkeley, We have Arrived!

Aug 03, 12 CoderBaby at Berkeley

This is our first time at Berkeley, CA, and we’re in love. Who would want to leave? The weather was wonderful… like a really nice day in Southern California, but without the excessive heat. We met up with my friend Aaron and he gave us a tour of the city and UC Berkeley.

Jupiter has great pizza. Yum. It has a great atmosphere too. Even CoderBaby was quite relaxed. After lunch, we stopped by Cinnaholic for the best cinnamon buns I’ve ever tasted! They’re made fresh, 100% vegan, and comes in some of the most amazing flavors! We got the Strawberry Pie Cinnamon Roll. My mouth is watering as I write this.. lol

Aaron gave us a tour of the campus after desserts and I got a great work-out since I was carrying CoderBaby uphill. :) Berkeley is a lovely place. I wouldn’t mind visiting again soon.

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