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Aug 01, 12 Plum Organics Super Puffs

I really want CoderBaby to try all types of foods, so it’s been fun watching her facial expressions when she eats something new. She’s been eating a lot of purees, but I thought it’d be fun to give her something with a different texture.

I was really excited when I read about Plum Organics baby food and that my daughter could eat them now! After browsing around on their website, I really loved the idea of the super puffs.

On my last trip to Target, I picked up the Plum Organics Super Orange ($2.99). It was hard to choose which flavor since they all looked good. But I figured Super Orange was a good one to try since it’s her favorite color and she likes the taste of sweet potatoes.

Everytime she tries something new, she makes really funny faces. After a few pieces of cereal, she got the hang of how to eat it. She would bite down with her front teeth (there’s 5 now!) and start chewing. Sometimes it sticks to her lips and I’d help her push it in. She then started to push the cereal in herself when it got stuck, so now she’s as efficient as ever. lol Once it gets soft enough, she’ll swallow the cereal.

What I love about these is that it’s made from whole grains and real organic fruits and vegetables, approved by the USDA! Pop them into your child’s mouth and they easily melt. I tried eating them before giving any to her, and it does get soft pretty quickly with the touch of saliva.

These puff cereals are recommended for crawlers. And I would personally recommend them for children who have some top and bottom teeth so they can practice biting and chewing their foods. Plus you know they’re not swallowing them down whole. The flavors are very light and subtle, but delicious nevertheless. I can’t wait to try out the other flavors and Plum Organic products!

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