WordCamp SF 2012

Aug 04, 12 WordCamp SF 2012

Our little CoderBaby can’t escape her geeky path, especially if her parents take her to conferences like WordCamp SF! She really enjoyed the SF weather. She’s a warm baby, so the temperature was just right. She did fine for the most part. I did carry her into Matt Mullenweg’s State of the Word session that was packed with people. The strange thing is, even though the room was packed, it was extremely quiet. With all that body heat, the baby got a little warm and started humming. lol I quickly left the room and went outside so we could enjoy the cold weather. She felt so much better after eating her snacks. And I’m so happy we got to take a photo with Mr. WordPress himself! 😀

It was amazing catching up with old friends during lunch. And they all got to meet CoderBaby. She enjoy meeting everyone too! I love this photo of her admiring @photo’s pictures!

After the conference, we met up with Aaron again and explored SF. Fun times, fun times indeed. It makes me not want to leave. But we’ll be back up before you know it.. WordCamp SF 2013? :)

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