Wittlebee Box #6

Oct 31, 12 CoderBaby WittleBox #6

I rushed home today so I could get CoderBaby ready to go Trick-or-Treating and saw a lovely surprise at the door. Yup! Wittlebee Box #6 arrived! When we opened the box, there was a nice Wittlebee trick-or-treat bag in it. How perfect is that?!

I was really happy when I saw the Tea Collection leg warmers in the box. It was starting to get cold so I ended up using her legwarmers as arm-warmers for my Halloween costume. I’m so happy my daughter and I are able to share clothes already! haha

Here are Box #6 content:

Tea Collection Black Legwarmers – I absolutely love these. Maybe more for myself than my daughter. They’re thick and you can tell they’re very high quality. They’ll definitely keep my little one (or me) warm this winter! I’m not exactly sure what to pair it with yet since my daughter’s wardrobe is mostly bright colors, but I’m hoping the next box will have something.

Kicky Pants Onesie in Tiny Dots – This onesie is absolutely adorable. I love the pattern and the ruffles in the back/bottom. However, the material is too thin (I don’t think it’s made of bamboo), especially with winter approaching. I’m hoping it’ll fit her in the spring or summer of next year.

Kicky Pants Short Sleeve Ruffle Tee in Plum – This is one of my favorite items! It’s made of bamboo and is super soft! Not to mention the ruffle around the neck is absolutely adorable! I’m not too crazy about the color (I love brighter colors and designs), but the ruffle neck embellishment won me over. I would love to get this again in a pattern design.

Sage Creek Organics Basic Pants in Wood – These pants are super soft and really nice. I would love to lounge in them myself. I only wish I got them in another color. Not too crazy about the brown color since it doesn’t go with anything in her wardrobe (or anything in this box).

Mulberr;Bush Pink/Pastel Striped Pants – Ahh, I just love the pattern of these pants! They’re striped with mostly shades of pink with touches of green, the exact colors I asked for! Very cute.

American Apparel Infant Baby Rib Long Sleeve Lap T-Shirt in Pink – Always a great basic. I love the color because it’ll go with the Mulberr;Bush pants and everything else in her wardrobe!

BT KIds Dr. Seuss Fish Bodysuit in Pink – I love Dr. Seuss! I’ve been eyeing these onesies for a while. I didn’t ask for one, but I’m very happy I got it!

Strawberry Leggings in Blue – Love these leggings, especially the lacy part at the bottom of each leg. I have another pair in gray from a previous box. This could be paired with the Kicky Pants Tiny Dots onesie.

Overall, I’m quite happy with this box. I did request bigger sizes, so she won’t be able to wear them for a few more months. But they’re all great basics that I can mix and match later on. I’m looking forward to her box for next month!

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