Christmas 2012

Dec 24, 12 Christmas 2012

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Merry Christmas everyone! CoderBaby is excited about opening gifts. It’s her second Christmas. Related Products: Christmas: A BiographyA critically acclaimed New York Times bestselling author explores the Christmas holiday, from the original festival through present day traditions.... Read More > That's Christmas To Me NUO

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Wittlebee Box #7

Dec 24, 12 Wittlebee Box #7

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My Wittlebee Box #7 finally arrived! It’s my November box. I’ve been patiently waiting for over a month. I knew they were low on inventory and busy with new customers, so I was trying my best to be patient. And all I can say is, this box was WORTH THE WAIT! It’s my best box yet! I was pleasantly surprised to see...

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Snow at Springs Preserve

Dec 23, 12 Snow at Springs Preserve

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Sometimes finding fun things for children to do in Las Vegas is hard, but here’s a gem you need to know about. It’s called Springs Preserve. It’s located not too far from Downtown Las Vegas, and is an excellent place for children to learn and have fun! At the the Springs Preserve, they can explore the...

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