Wittlebee Box #7

Dec 24, 12 Wittlebee Box #7

My Wittlebee Box #7 finally arrived! It’s my November box. I’ve been patiently waiting for over a month. I knew they were low on inventory and busy with new customers, so I was trying my best to be patient. And all I can say is, this box was WORTH THE WAIT! It’s my best box yet!

I was pleasantly surprised to see the box arrive on Christmas eve. As my daughter pulled out the items, I couldn’t stop smiling at all the beautiful girls clothes! I had left a note for my stylist to get her something special for her birthday. And I think the stylist went above and beyond. I love everything!

Here’s the box #7 content:


I just love this entire box, especially the Le Top and Rabbit Moon items. The Le Top tights actually go with either of the two dresses. The RabbitMoon dress is perfect for fall, spring, or summer! It just all depends on how you wear it. And the Mulberribush shirt is so cute.. there’s a tiny little pocket in the middle of the shirt! I love all of these Strawberry leggings that keep appearing in my boxes. They’re very basic, but they go with anything! So they’re perfect for mixing and matching. The CottonSeed shirt runs big, so I’m hoping she can fit it in the next cold months. it’s very soft though. The RabbitMoon ruffle top is quite adorable too. Such a cute basic shirt. The Skivvy Doodles outfit is quite large, so hopefully she can wear it next winter. Overall, I love the box and I can’t wait to see what Wittlebee has in stored for 2013!

Disclosure: I am a paid customer and subscribe to Wittlebee each month for $39.99. But I do get a discount if you purchase through my special $10 off coupon link. You get $10 off your first box, and I earn $10 off for each referral. This helps keep CoderBaby well-dressed and my children’s clothes obsession from getting out of hand. The honest opinions expressed in this article are my own and are not influenced by Wittlebee.

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  1. Adorable stuff! All these box things are so neat – this one looks like you get really good stuff! You certainly did this month!

  2. Glad that you got your box. It’s been close to two months for me. Still no box and no refund.

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