Happy 16 Months!

Mar 16, 13 Happy 16 Months!

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Happy 16 months baby! You’re growing up way too fast. But your Daddy and I have been enjoying every moment of it. We find it amazing to watch how much you change and develop within a week. You took over the iPad Mini, so it’s completely yours now. I’ve rearranged the apps so your favorites are on the dashboard and...

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Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish Scully Child!

Mar 07, 13 Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish Scully Child!

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I absolutely could not stop smiling when I opened my Feburary Wittlebee box. I was charged on Feb. 22 and my box arrived on March 7th. This was probably the fastest box I received! I think the new Wittlebee system is really working well. Recently, Wittlebee changed the way they did things to accomodate the large increase in...

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Fun with Balls!

Mar 03, 13 Fun with Balls!

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My daughter had a fun playdate today! They both had lunch together and kept each other occupied so the parents could eat as well. They also played together and made us all laugh a lot. I can’t remember if I saw this idea on Pinterest or Babble.com, but I just love the idea of putting colorful balls in a play yard and have the...

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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Mar 01, 13 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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Dr. Seuss has given us so many classics books such as The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Oh The Places You’ll Go!, and so many more. He has inspired many of us to read, write, and use our imagination. The first library book I ever checked out was Fox in Socks when I was in second grade. I still...

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