Happy 16 Months!

Mar 16, 13 16 Months

Happy 16 months baby! You’re growing up way too fast. But your Daddy and I have been enjoying every moment of it. We find it amazing to watch how much you change and develop within a week.

You took over the iPad Mini, so it’s completely yours now. I’ve rearranged the apps so your favorites are on the dashboard and my stuff are all hidden in folders. You love watching you choose which app to use and how you want to interact with it. The moment an app pops up asking for an in-app purchase, or sends you to safari, you immediately click on the “Home” button and select a new app. This is a lot better than the frustrated cry you use to do when this happens. lol

You’re also practicing how to walk a little more. You’re not quite there yet, but definitely heading in that direction. We’ve been taking you outdoors so you can try on your shoes and tease the neighbor’s dogs. You seem so excited to see them! You also do the sign for ‘dog’ very well now.. by tapping on your leg instead of your chest! Walking time is one of your favorite times and except when you’re tired. 😉

We recently got you magnetic letters so you can play and put them on the fridge. It’s one of your favorite past times. You’ll love learning how to spell soon!

Your personality is really starting to show this month too.. you’re so silly at times. You laugh with yourself on things you read or so. And you play peekaboo and you’re starting to pose for photos. You’re even helping me pick out your clothes. You were so excited when I told you that you could wear the Brobee shirt that your Daddy got you. :)

It’s been so much fun watching you grow and you never fail to amaze me each day. I can’t wait to see what else you have in stored for us next month… first steps maybe?

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