Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish Scully Child!

Mar 07, 13 Wittlebee Box #8

I absolutely could not stop smiling when I opened my Feburary Wittlebee box. I was charged on Feb. 22 and my box arrived on March 7th. This was probably the fastest box I received! I think the new Wittlebee system is really working well.

Recently, Wittlebee changed the way they did things to accomodate the large increase in membership. They no longer have stylists (people who picked out specific clothes for your child). Instead, they now allow members to pick out 3 of their own items! The best person who would know exactly what you like would be YOU right? I can be somewhat picky, so this was just fantastic news. And the other three items that come in the box will be one of their featured brand for that month. So you get the best of both worlds — 3 items you will definitely love, and also the element of surprise for the other three items.

How does the new showroom work?

Wittlebee rolled out a new featured called the “Showroom” which displayed all the items available for us to pick for our box. Each size may have different styles/items depending on what’s available in their inventory. Each month, they also feature certain brands, and will have more items in that brand to choose from.

So you select the three items you want that month and they’re guaranteed to be in your next box. You have a 4-day window to make your selections. If you do not pick your items, they will be automatically selected for you.

Wittlebee Showroom

My Wittlebee Showroom Experience

I really love the Trish Scully Child brand and have been asking for it in my previous boxes, but I never received one. But in this box, I received 4! I selected two Trish Scully Child items myself, and was quite surprised to receive two more!

When my Wittlebee Showroom was available in my account, I selected three items — two Trish Scully Child blouses in plum and a tutu. The tutu is actually in size 3T because I wanted to get it in a bigger size. So yes, you’re able to change and select from different sizes in the Showroom. I got the tutu because I was a little bit disappointed that they didn’t have any matching Trish Scully leggings for the blouses. But then I figured, I can just buy jeans for my little girl since they go with everything.

When I opened my box, I was so happy to see that I had received Trish Scully leggings that not only matched with the plum blouses I selected, but also the green one that was included in my box! Love it!

My Wittlebee Box Content:

These items are absolutely adorable! They’re all in 2T (I had ordered a size up.) They’re a bit big for my daughter right now, so I can’t properly model them. But you’ll soon see her in these clothes later in the year. I can’t wait!

The three Trish Scully Child tops are as cute as can be. I love the little bow details on the blouses. The leggings are just adorable too, and match with all three items. I love the new Wittlebee t-shirts too. Threadless shirts are always so comfortable (I have a lot of them!). And the tutu is just adorable! I just need to find a matching top for it.

I am extremely happy with my box this month. For $39.99, I received way over $160+ in clothes. They’re also in trendy brands that you wouldn’t see in regular stores either. If you’re interested in trying this out, you can sign up with this $10-off-your-first-box coupon. So that’s just $29.99 for your first box to try out. You can pause or cancel at any time.

I also love this new way of picking out our monthly boxes. Having a more systematic way of picking out some of our items and having all members getting similar items every month does help speed the process up. The turn around time for having our monthly boxes shipped dramatically changes for the better! Great job Wittlebee!

Disclosure: I am a paid customer and subscribe to Wittlebee each month for $39.99. But I do get a discount if you purchase through my special $10 off coupon link. You get $10 off your first box, and I earn $10 off for each referral. This helps keep CoderBaby well-dressed and my children’s clothes obsession from getting out of hand. The honest opinions expressed in this article are my own and are not influenced by Wittlebee.

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    I just love reading your reviews! Being a customer since last spring, it is fun watching their journey and seeing the evolution of the product. I agree, the Showroom is an absolute blast!!! Thanks for your blog! <3

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