America’s Family Pet Expo

Apr 21, 13 America's Family Pet Expo

My sister convinced me to take CoderBaby to America’s Family Pet Expo so that’s where the family went today. And I’m glad we did! Our little one had so much fun. We walked into the Expo and the first thing she saw were these large llamas. You should have seen the big smile on her face at that moment! Next stop was the petting zoo which was a lot of fun. She had a funny way of petting the animals. She’d pet them and then run away from them as if she was playing tag! The smile on her face was just priceless. She really enjoyed seeing all the different types of dogs. We even got to meet Stan from Dog with a Blog! Another one of her favorite animals are fishes. She was so excited to see a tank full of clownfishes and blue Surgeonfish, in other words, lots of Nemos and Dorys! Overall, we had a wonderful day. It was a lot of walking and chasing the little one, but a lot of fun. We ended the day with some yummy authentic Vietnamese food… Can’t go wrong with that!

America's Family Pet Expo

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  1. Cute photos! The pet expo was so fun, hope you got to see the splash dogs too!

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