Hakone is a Piece of Paradise!

May 26, 13 Hakone

Momma-san and Baby-chanHakone was one of my favorite places in Japan. This is one of the best place to enjoy Mother Nature. You have a wonderful view of Mt. Fuji, and there are natural hot springs everywhere. We stayed at this wonderful traditional hotel called Hotel Setsugetsuka. They had kimonos and yukatas for all hotel guests, even for kids. I had so much fun picking out a new outfit each day. :) The meals were amazing quite exquisite. We only stayed one night but it felt like a piece of paradise. The hot springs were relaxing and what I really appreciated were the family rooms that were available. Although the little one didn’t get to go in one, she did enjoy playing with the water. :) This is one of my favorite photos from the vacation! If you go to Japan, definitely visit Hakone if you can!

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