Signing Time Concert in LA!

May 11, 13 Signing Time Family Photo

My daughter has been watching Baby Signing Time for quite some time now. And when I heard that Rachel Coleman was going to be in town, I was so excited! Today finally came and we got to meet her and Hopkins in person. My daughter is a bit obsessed with Hopkins, Rachel, and Signing Time music, and just learning sign language in general!

So what is it like to be at a Signing Time Concert? Well, first of all, you have the wonderful, talented, and inspirational Rachel Coleman on stage. Yes, call her “Rachel Coleman” because all her family does. :) So she’s rocking the stage while little kids are on the floor dancing, singing, and signing to her music. It was just an great environment for the kids to have fun and socialize. The seating was great too. We were able to get up and sit as close as we want.

Rachel is a sweetheart in person, just like in the videos. She’s an amazing women who gives 110% in all she does. She’s a wonderful teacher and most of all, a fantastic mother.

I love her educational videos and would highly recommend her program to any new parent. Communication is really the key to reducing frustration and I can see a big difference in my little daughter now that she knows how to sign and tell us what she wants and needs.

Most people wonder why she has colors on her fingers. I figured the answer to that question out after watching several videos. What I’m wondering more is how many sweaters she has and where can I get one? lol

Get to know Rachel Coleman from this video. She’s an amazing woman I tell ya!

More Pictures from the Concert

Signing Time Concert

Signing Time Concert

Signing Time Concert

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