Scotty the Bear

Jun 16, 13 Scotty the Bear

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Just turned 19 months today! And at this age, CoderBaby has quite the personality. She only wants to feed herself now, especially when she sees spoons or forks involved. Or better yet, chopsticks! She laughs.. and covers her mouth when she did. She likes to copy the things we say and do.. and yes, we have to be even more careful...

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Happy Father’s Day!

Jun 16, 13 Happy Father’s Day!

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Thank you for being a wonderful and caring Daddy. CoderBaby and I love you very much. We can’t tell you enough how much you mean to us. Happy 2nd Father’s Day!

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It’s Potty Time!

Jun 12, 13 It’s Potty Time!

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Call me crazy, but I was really excited the moment I thought my daughter was ready for potty training. A few days ago, I was changing her diaper and she looked at me, and then signed “potty” while pointing down at her diaper. I said, “yes, that’s potty time! I am changing your diaper because you potty!”...

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Signing “Friend”

Jun 05, 13 Signing “Friend”

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I just love Rachel Coleman! She’s an amazing woman. And she’s an awesome teacher. My daughter has been learning so much. Here’s her signing “friends!” Related Products:

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