It’s Potty Time!

Jun 12, 13 Potty Time

Call me crazy, but I was really excited the moment I thought my daughter was ready for potty training. A few days ago, I was changing her diaper and she looked at me, and then signed “potty” while pointing down at her diaper. I said, “yes, that’s potty time! I am changing your diaper because you potty!” And she smiled at me because I understood what she was saying.

It's Potty TimeShe has been watching “Potty Time” by Rachel Coleman on her iPad and loves the song. I believe this also really encouraged her to potty on her own.

So last weekend, my husband and I went to Target to buy her a new “toy.” She had been napping the whole time we were having dinner and shopping. It wasn’t until we were both standing in the baby section looking at potty chairs did she wake up. She got all excited and wanted to get down so she could have a closer look.

We were all deciding between the Fisher-Price one or the Elmo one. She played with both, but ultimately picked the Fisher-Price one since it made more sounds and animations. I assembled it when we got home and tried it out right away. Well, not right away, I gave her lots of milk and water to drink just before!

I put her on her potty chair and she kept trying to explore it and play with the handle. To get her to stay on it, I showed her Mommy’s potty and compared it to her potty. She wants to be just like Mommy these days, so she was happy with that explanation. I kept talking to her to keep her busy and was surprised she stayed on the chair for quite some time. She finally went the potty chair started playing music! The look on her face was priceless though! She had this scared look because the security of her diaper wasn’t there. But once the music played, she started putting her hand up and bobbing her head… where does she pick this stuff up from? lol

I then put her in the tub and explained to her what just happened and told her she did good! She watched me wash it out and then I gave her the usual night-time bath.

So for the past 3 days, this has become our nightly ritual. After dinner, she’d sit on the potty chair and we talk about our past vacation and how her day went.

So these are my baby steps toward potty training my daughter. I give her only one lesson a day since I get home late from work. I may increase it to two sessions on the weekend. Wish me luck!

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