626 Night Market

Aug 04, 13 626 Night Market

Now that we live in LA, we’re finding a lot of fun events to attend! My friend told me about 626 Night Market and we thought we’d check it out. I have to say, it was a lot of fun!

The last 626 Night Market was held at Santa Anita racetrack. It’s an event where you can shop at various Asian vendors (mostly food ones) in just one place! Think of it like going to a fair, except add more food trucks and minus all the rides.

We family and I tried sorts of amazing foods and we all had a great time. Our daughter loved trying all the foods and did a happy dance with every new thing.. heh

The next 626 Night Market is Aug 31st! For more info, check out 626nightmarket.com

Shave Ice
My daughter enjoying shave ice.

Chicken Musubi
Chicken Musubi from Mama Musubi Food Truck.

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