First Pony Ride!

Aug 23, 13 Pony Ride

BBQTonight, we finally got to go to the Monrovia Farmer’s Market. It’s a weekly night market that happens close by to where we’re staying. We’ve been trying to go, but it’s always so crowded. Luckily, we found parking tonight!

There was so much great food. We loved Jake’s Roadhouse and all the musical entertainment. The little one really enjoyed it as well. She also tasted kettle corn for the first time.

Before the night was over, we stopped by to see the animals. CoderBaby watched all the other kids get on the ponies and go around a few laps and she wanted to try it herself! We didn’t realize how brave she was until that night! She fed a deer out of her hands in Japan, but has never gotten on an animal before. I had to ask her about 5 times if she was sure she wanted to go on a pony ride. She nodded yes every time. So she saddled up and away she went! After the ride, we watched the animals in the petting zoo for a bit and then headed home.

It was an amazingly fun night! We’ll have to head back soon. Oh yes, I forgot to mention to delicious the fresh strawberries smelled….

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