Spending Labor Day Together!

Sep 02, 13 At the Apple Store

Hello darling, we didn’t exactly have big plans for our Labor Day together, but we had to get out of the house due to the heatwave happening in Southern California for the past week.

At Cool HausWe decided to spend it in Old Town Pasadena for a bit. To cool off, we stopped by Cool Haus for some ice cream. You LOVED it! You couldn’t stop saying “Mmmm!”

We then stopped by the Apple Store for an appointment. We were at the Genius Bar, and you kept walking around and waving to the employees. One of them gave you stickers and you had so much fun sticking them everywhere, including on Mommy’s face. lol

After all the excitement, you finally napped in the car. We stopped by this new Target in Azusa to keep out of the heat and do some shopping for necessities. The store itself was on the 2nd level, above the parking structure. They had these cool escalators just for the shopping carts!

But what really made our day was what happened at night. As Mommy was trying to get you to go to bed, you started saying more words! For the first time, you said “boy,” “ball,” “more,” “my,” and “dog”! Earlier this weekend, you started saying “mine!” I wonder where you learned that.. :) You are able to read a few words now — “hands, baby, clap, hi, and boy.” Some new signs that you recently learned are “thank you,” “please,” and “blueberry.” And your current favorite songs are “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus.” Favorite foods at the moment are cereal, eggrolls, noodles, carrots, and blueberries. You are just full of suprises this week. I can’t wait to see what other surprises you have in stored for us. :)

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