Meeting iJustine!

Jun 13, 15 Meeting iJustine

Reading iJ's BookMy daughter and I were super excited when we found out that the last stop of iJustine’s book tour was in LA! We got to Barnes and Nobel around noon and hung out in the children’s book section for a while. My daughter loves books so you can only imagine how happy she was in this amazing playground.

I got in line early and hung out with some of iJustine’s amazing and loyal fans. Everyone was just so excited and you can see them looking around hoping to catch a glimpse of her. When it got closer to 2pm, my family and I met up with iJ and got the VIP treatment from the B&N folks. My daughter was starstruck when she saw Justine. After a few minutes, she was comfortable and dancing around in her new So So Happy hoodie. I was happy we were able to capture that moment in the photo above!

iJustine BooksWe hung out and watch iJustine greet her sweet fans for photo ops. We also made some new friends along the way. We loved the behind-the-scene experience and had so much fun! Thanks for inviting us iJ!

If you have not picked up your copy of the book yet, you should! The first chapter starts out at about the same time when I was first introduced to her. I remember Luria Petrucci posting something about an iPhone bill so I checked out the video. Woah, I cannot believe the bill was 300 pages long! This was about 7 years ago (Aug 2007). From that moment on, I started following her videos and I am happy that I did. We shared so many laughs — or I laughed at her a lot at least! We finally met in real life of Aug 2008 at New Media Expo and worked on a charity project together in 2009. She is sweet, caring, creative, and funny in real life — just like in her videos. :) Follow her at

Justine, many congrats on your book! It is an amazing and huge accomplishment and we are all very proud of you. We cannot wait to see what more you have in stored for us. Until we meet up in real life again… In the meantime, we will see you on the internets! :)

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Thank you for our exclusive iJustine So So Happy hoodies!! We love them! Rawr!

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