Claire Keane’s Art Show

Jun 04, 16 At Claire Keane's Art Show at Gallery Nucleus

Claire Keane is known for her work as a visual development artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios. You may recognize her work in Disney’s Tangled and Frozen!

A Fairy FriendMy daughter and I love her! She is sweet and quite talented. Her style of artwork is just beautiful and amazing. So when we heard she was having an art show last Saturday, we were pretty excited to go! Her art show was at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra. There, she showcased original artwork from her latest book, A Fairy Friend.

If you love picture books, this has to go on your must-have list! Every page is beautiful and I absolutely love the poetry on how to be a fairy’s friend.

The kids got to make their own fairy houses at the event and everyone just loved the fun photo booth! We all dressed up in our fairy wings and took lots of pictures. My daughter’s favorite part of course was getting her copy of “A Fairy Friend” signed by Claire herself. We met up with some friends at the event and had a lot of fun! We cannot wait for her next event. Perhaps to showcase her next book, “Little Big Girl.”

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