Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

Aug 10, 11 Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

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So the big question is.. Pink or Blue, Girl or Boy! Click on the picture to find out the baby’s gender! Here’s the results of the poll: Girl (69%, 49 Votes) — Boy (31%, 22 Votes) We’re excited and happy to announce that we’re having a darling baby girl! Looks like you guys got it right! We both...

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Lana & Cuong’s Wedding

Jul 16, 11 Lana & Cuong’s Wedding

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Hey sweetheart! Daddy and I went to the beautiful wedding of Auntie Lana & Uncle Cuong today. It was a warm day, but I kept us hydrated with a lot of water and fruit, especially watermelons — your favorite! We saw a lot of our friends there! You have so many happy aunties and uncles waiting to meet you! Your Uncle Jeff...

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Baby Announcement!

Jul 07, 11 Baby Announcement!

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Hey Baby! We’re about to announce your soon-to-be arrival to the rest of the world! So happy to finally share the great news with everyone. I hope they cast their votes on whether you’re a boy or girl on the left side of this webpage! We’ll find out if we’re painting your nursery pink or blue very...

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Family Announcement

Jul 02, 11 Family Announcement

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Hey sweetie! Daddy made the big announcement about you to his family today! We had a big family reunion lunch, 18 family members, to celebrate your Great Grandpa and uncle’s birthdays. After lunch, daddy called everyone’s attention and said that you’ll be arriving later this year. He did such a great job that I was...

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Riverside Photoshoot

Jun 25, 11 Riverside Photoshoot

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Hello honey! Daddy and I told your Auntie S & Uncle J about you and they are thrilled! The four of us went back to our alma mater (well, Daddy and I work there, so it wasn’t that far for us..) to take photos and remember the time we all went to school there. It brought back lots of memories since we spent so much time...

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Start Spreading the News

Jun 11, 11 Start Spreading the News

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Mommy had a great time at a friend’s bridal shower today. I’ve never been to one that was so fancy and exquisite! The decorations and delicious foods were so amazing. I loved every minute of it. All the girls had so much fun, and looked so lovely in their dresses! I hope you enjoyed all the great food at the party. I did...

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