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  1. Mommy-to-Be /

    Hello sweetheart! I can’t wait to hold you in Winter 2011! You mean so much to me and Daddy. Love you!

  2. Richard and Diana Morita /

    Nice site. Thanks for taking us on your journey. April? Way to keep it hush-hush. After your announcement, it was nice to see your mother-in-law smile. Good seeing you. Are you registered anywhere? Love to all.

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey! Can’t wait to see more pictures, especially when the little one is born. :-)

  4. Carla /

    Congratulations! I love the veggie updates, Jennifer did this too on Facebook so we were always talking about her little avocado or spaghetti squash. There should be a Pan-Asian version…lychee, daikon…durian? Maybe not =)

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