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New School

New School Posted by on Sep 30, 2013

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Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish S...

Wittlebee Box #8 – Lots of Trish Scully Child! Posted by on Mar 7, 2013

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Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N

Andy Harkness Book Signing at B&N Posted by on Jun 4, 2016

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Happy 16 Months!

Happy 16 Months! Posted by on Mar 16, 2013

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It’s My First Mother’s Day!

It’s My First Mother’s Day! Posted by on May 13, 2012

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Uncle’s Graduation

Jun 13, 11 Uncle’s Graduation

Posted by in Family Affair, Photos

Hey little one! Your Uncle H just graduated with his Masters in Computer Science! You’ll get to build a robot or do something super nerdy with him one day. hehe Hope you didn’t mind the sun too much. It was kinda hot during the ceremony. I kept eating grapes to keep you refreshed though!

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Start Spreading the News

Jun 11, 11 Start Spreading the News

Posted by in Spreading the News

Mommy had a great time at a friend’s bridal shower today. I’ve never been to one that was so fancy and exquisite! The decorations and delicious foods were so amazing. I loved every minute of it. All the girls had so much fun, and looked so lovely in their dresses! I hope you enjoyed all the great food at the party. I did...

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Week 13 – Tummy Photos

Jun 10, 11 Week 13 – Tummy Photos

Posted by in Photos, Tummy Photos

I know I just took tummy photos a few days ago, but I felt compelled to take more today because you feel so much bigger! Either that, or I’m just eating a lot more? heh Daddy took these beautiful photos! Thank you! ...

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Week 13 – Looking a Little Peachy!

Jun 10, 11 Week 13 – Looking a Little Peachy!

Posted by in Weekly Pregnancy Updates

Hello sweetheart! Wow, you’re now on Week 13 and you’re the size of a peach! Wonder if you’re as fuzzy… hehe I didn’t realize how quickly you were growing and seeing a photo of what you may look like right now makes me kind of teary-eyed. Your fingers are just forming… you’ll be waving to me...

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Pre-Week 13 Tummy Photos

Jun 08, 11 Pre-Week 13 Tummy Photos

Posted by in Photos, Tummy Photos

Okie, here are some tummy photos. I’m actually 12.5 weeks along, but close enough to Week 13. 😉 Bumpie is not that noticeable, but I sure notice it, especially when I’m sitting. Very happy that you’re strong and growing baby! ...

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Mommy’s Daily Diet

Jun 08, 11 Mommy’s Daily Diet

Posted by in Food and Cravings

Hey baby! Are you curious as to what I eat everyday? Of course you are. lol Here’s my latest routine so far. It varies a bit depending on how much groceries we have available. 4 or 5am – Bowl of Multigrain Cherrios with a cup of soy milk 9am – Egg sandwhich with wheat bread 10am – a serving or two of...

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Jun 06, 11 Vitamins

Posted by in Advice & Lessons Learned

Lesson learn — take vitamins at night only. I recently switched to taking them in the mornings because I missed one day. But now I’m feeling all the strange effects that I don’t usually feel because I’m sleeping. Upset stomach, naesea, and just feeling blah. I’m switching back to night time tomorrow....

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Wedding Fun! — Todd & Gina’s Special Day

Jun 05, 11 Wedding Fun! — Todd & Gina’s Special Day

Posted by in Baby Thoughts, Events, Photos

Mommy and Daddy had lots of fun at Todd and Gina’s wedding today! Don’t worry, I drank lots of lemonade to keep you hydrated my dear! They had this fun photobooth at the party. It was so much fun! We can’t wait to hold you in front of a camera one day. See small bumpie? No one noticed though....

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Pamper Time!

Pamper Mommy time that is. Well, happy mommy means a happy baby! I really needed to get a haircut today, and the place I go to is like a complete mini spa. I love it! Massages are complimentary to getting a haircut — which is why I love Karen Allen. Let’s just say you were pretty happy and relaxed. We’re gonna...

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Mommy Dresses

Jun 03, 11 Mommy Dresses

Posted by in Mommy Time, Photos, Shopping

Mommy had quite a lot of fun tonight. I don’t usually go shopping for clothes too often, so each time, it’s pretty exciting. And this time, it’s more special because I’m keeping you in mind for clothes! First I stopped off at Express and found some nice flowy blouses that should leave plenty of room for you....

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Week 12

Hey little one! Today marks your Week 12! Daddy and mommy are so proud of you. That’s quite a milestone! Three months so far! And only a half year to go before I can meet you. Mommy made it through the weeks of feeling queasy and having strange appetites. And it’s all worth it. Mommy will probably be shopping for new...

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Mommy’s Health Day

Today’s is Mommy’s health day. Went to the dentist this afternoon for a cleaning. And my hygenist said everything looks great. I had to tell her about you too. She’s excited to meet you at my next appointment. lol A funny thing happened while I was there. The financial lady pulled me over to talk to me first...

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Pregtastic Podcast

Jun 02, 11 Pregtastic Podcast

Posted by in Advice & Lessons Learned

I’m listening to hours and hours of Pregtastic this evening. It’s my new favorite podcast. Lots of great information and learning so...

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Tiring Day

Hello baby! Today has been such a long and tiring day. Mommy walked all over campus today for events and meetings.. so you’re getting your healthy exercise! Daddy wakes up early and makes an egg sandwich for you every morning. It’s your latest craving! After work, Mommy napped for a good 3 or 4 hours. So hope...

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Grandpa Says hello

Hey there little baby, Mommy just told Grandpa (my dad) about you and he’s super excited and happy! He said he can’t wait to meet you. Well, neither can I. See you in December!

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Eggs for Second Breakfast!

May 31, 11 Eggs for Second Breakfast!

Posted by in Food and Cravings

Daddy woke up early this morning and made your current favorite.. over-hard eggs. Mommy packed slices of bread the night before, so for second breakfast, you got a egg sandwich....

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