Made With Love

My legs and feet were really swollen, so I took my ring off in case my fingers and hands were heading in the same direction when I went into labor. That was about 2 months ago. I finally remembered about my ring last night and put it back on. But before I did, I had an idea for a photo pose. I was tickling the baby’s feet...

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Heart and Hands

Dec 09, 11 Heart and Hands

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My husband and I did a newborn photoshoot today with our little one. It was fun, but difficult at the same time. Our baby girl moves around a lot, so for some shots we just got lucky! The one above is my absolute favorite from the photo session! She looks so peaceful and innocent.. lol Our baby girl really keeps us on our toes to...

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Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

Aug 10, 11 Pink or Blue? Here’s the Big Reveal!

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So the big question is.. Pink or Blue, Girl or Boy! Click on the picture to find out the baby’s gender! Here’s the results of the poll: Girl (69%, 49 Votes) — Boy (31%, 22 Votes) We’re excited and happy to announce that we’re having a darling baby girl! Looks like you guys got it right! We both...

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OC Photoshoot

Jul 23, 11 OC Photoshoot

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[Photo by JMan Photography] Dear Baby, I promise to love and cherish you, always. The very thought of you makes me smile. This photo that Uncle Jeff captured says it all. Hay baby! Mommy and Daddy and some friends went on a photoshoot in Orange County this weekend. I hope all that walking and heat didn’t get to you. I felt...

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