Yogurtland and Hello Kitty!

Jul 10, 12 Yogurtland and Hello Kitty!

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Yay! Hello Kitty is back at Yogurtland for the second year in the row. I remember when she first appeared there last year and I wasn’t able to go (was on bedrest). So this year, I wanted to make sure to take my little one with me. We waited until Daddy came home from work to go as a family. It was 8:30pm when we headed out...

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CoderBaby as Hello Kitty

Jun 29, 12 CoderBaby as Hello Kitty

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Here’s CoderBaby in her Hello Kitty dress. Got to get ready to head to Anime Expo tomorrow! The dress is a lovely gift from her Great Auntie Dee! All handmade and finally fits perfectly! Related Products:

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I Love the Library!

Sep 20, 11 I Love the Library!

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I went into the hospital for my usual weekly injection this morning. It didn’t hurt that much this time, but when I got home it was aching. I tried to sleep it off, but when I woke up, I felt the pain again. Luckily, my baby girl’s kicks and movements were a wonderful and sweet distraction to all of pain and aches....

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Hello Kitty Quilt by Carla

Aug 26, 11 Hello Kitty Quilt by Carla

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My friend Carla sent me Clue #1 as to what my baby girl’s gift will be last week. And today she sent me Clue #2 (see photo above)! So cute. I can’t wait to see the finished result! Thanks so much Carla & and her mom! You both are so sweet to me!! Related...

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Life’s Little Pleasures

Aug 23, 11 Life’s Little Pleasures

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I just got back from seeing the nurse. I have to say, these injection shots are getting more painful every week. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my lack of movement and exercise due to bedrest. But at least I get to leave the house and soak up the sun for a few minutes! Ahh, life’s little pleasures that I won’t...

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Stop, It’s Hello Kitty Time!

Aug 15, 11 Stop, It’s Hello Kitty Time!

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Albert came home tonight and handed me an envelope from Carla! On the envelope, it said “Clue 1” and when I opened it, there was this cute Hello Kitty fabric. So adorable! It’s going to be on the baby girl quilt she’s making for my daughter! 😀 So sweet! Thanks Carla.. I can’t wait for clue # 2....

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Our Hello Kitty Themed Nursery!

Aug 12, 11 Our Hello Kitty Themed Nursery!

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I originally wanted the Soft and Fuzzy Pooh bedding set, but once I saw this Hello Kitty and Puppy Bedding Set, I just fell in love! I’m sure our baby girl will love it too. Plus it gives me a great excuse to shop at the Sanrio store again. haha “Really, it’s not for me, it’s for the baby!” I was...

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Hello Kitty Surprise!

Aug 10, 11 Hello Kitty Surprise!

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Well, I got the loveliest surprise today. Julie stopped by again today and dropped off this beautiful Hello Kitty fruit basket that she and my friends/colleagues got for me! Omygoodness.. I absolutely loved it! The fruits were so yummy, sweet, and delicious! I ate most of them and I’m sure out baby girl enjoyed it too. After...

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