The Ostrich Walk

Jan 05, 12 The Ostrich Walk

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It’s been a joy getting to know Katie and her little quirks. She’s 7 weeks now, and as always, is keeping us guessing all the time. It’s not the usual hungry, diaper, or tired cries anymore. She now wants playtime since she’s awake more hours during the day now. And as you can see in the picture above,...

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Wedding Fun! — Todd & Gina’s Special Day

Jun 05, 11 Wedding Fun! — Todd & Gina’s Special Day

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Mommy and Daddy had lots of fun at Todd and Gina’s wedding today! Don’t worry, I drank lots of lemonade to keep you hydrated my dear! They had this fun photobooth at the party. It was so much fun! We can’t wait to hold you in front of a camera one day. See small bumpie? No one noticed though. heh Related...

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