Living Up to Her Nickname

Apr 24, 12 Living Up to Her Nickname

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And this is why we call her CoderBaby.. She just loves to sit in front of the computer coding away. I think she needs a onesie that says “Will Code for Milk.” 😉 She is 5 months in this photo and is just starting to learn how to sit on her own (as you can see). Related Products:

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Rumbly in my Tummy

Sep 05, 11 Rumbly in my Tummy

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I didn’t want to stay up too late last night, so I went to bed much earlier than usual. It was close to 3am, but that’s still earlier than usual! That also meant I skipped a few usual mini meals too. So my stomach was rumbling all night. It must have scared my little girl because she was kicking so much and hard this...

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