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Feb 20, 13 CoderBaby loves Web Design

I was so happy when Web Design for Babies arrived in the mail! It was at my doorstep a week after I purchased it. And it’s so adorable! I wish I had something like this when I was a kid.

Each page is filled with colorful pictures and text that describe various parts of web design. As your child turn the pages, they’ll learn about HTML tags, CSS attributes, and JavaScript code. There are 12 very colorful pages filled with many pull-flaps on each page. For example, in the HTML section, there are flaps for <p>, <body>, <a>, <img>, <div> and attributes. If you lift these flaps, they tell you more about the tag/concept. It’s absolutely adorable. See the image above.

It’s now available for $9.99 with Free Shipping at I had to be an ‘early adopter’ so I didn’t get that $9.99 deal or the free shipping. So if you’re thinking about purchasing it, do it now.

This is a board book, so the pages are thicker than a regular book. But I do wish the pages were even thicker than they are. Giving this to a kid, you know the pages will get bent, folded, and probably eaten. But hey, it’s all about learning! I definitely recommend this book for you and the future web developer in your life. :)

Web Design for Babies Book

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  1. HTML Learning for Toddlers is a MUST! We need to start RE-educating the current Curriculum with the ABC’s of the 21st century …

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